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Crisp Best Ale Malt

Malt and Grain

Crisp Best Ale Malt


Crisp Best Ale Malt

from 2.00

Malt Type:Base

Grain Origin:United Kingdom

Wort Color:2.5-3.5 °Lovibond (5.4-8.0 EBC)


Moisture:3.5% max.

Extract (dry):81.5%

Diastatic Power:55°Lintner min.

Usage:100% max.

Crisp Best Ale is an English, ale-style base malt. The characteristic elevated colors and balanced malty, sweet flavor have made Crisp Best Ale a popular ale malt worldwide. Made from 2-row Norfolk winter barley, this ale malt is low-protein, and both well and evenly modified. Crisp Best Ale malt is a classic choice for the traditional ale brewing technique of infusion mashing and top fermentation, but it behaves well with a variety of brewing methods.

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