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Pacific Jade (New Zealand) Pellet Hops

Brewing Ingredients


Pacific Jade (New Zealand) Pellet Hops

Hops 1350 1500.jpg
Hops 1350 1500.jpg

Pacific Jade (New Zealand) Pellet Hops


Alpha Acid Range %12.0 – 14.0

Origin: New Zealand. A triploid high-alpha variety bred by HortResearch Centre Riwaka and released in 2004. Pacific Jade’s makeup includes New Zealand First Choice and an “Old Line” Saazer.

Usage: Dual purpose. Pacific Jade’s respectable alpha levels give it good bittering power, but with a very distinctive contribution to aroma and flavor when used as a late addition. The mix of fruit and black pepper character does nicely in pales, IPAs, and hoppy Belgians or lagers.

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Mild to moderate with musky fruit (melon, lime, blood orange) and a distinct freshly-ground black pepper spice element.

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