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Vintner's Harvest Boysenberry Puree (49 oz.)

Sugars, Flavoring and Spices

Vintner's Harvest Boysenberry Puree (49 oz.)


Vintner's Harvest Boysenberry Puree (49 oz.)


Boysenberry Puree is prepared from ripened, washed and sorted boysenberries. Puree may be made from fresh berries during the harvest in July; or it may be made from frozen puree stock during the off season months. The product contains no preservatives and no additives. 

Physical Properties: 
 pH: 3.00 – 3.60
 Brix: 10.0 – 15.0° 
 Specific Gravity: 1.040 – 1.061
 Viscosity: 12.0 – 24.0 cm/min (Bostwick at 70°F) 
 Color: Dark red, typical of boysenberries


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